Compassionate Assistance Dissolving Domestic Partnerships

In the state of California, domestic partnerships are regarded in much the same way as traditional marriages. When a committed couple files a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with the California Secretary of State, both persons can expect to have the same rights, protections and benefits as those who are legally married. Those formerly involved in registered domestic partnerships have many of the same rights as spouses who were traditionally married but have since divorced.

As such, those who wish to dissolve an existing domestic partnership can expect to go through a similar legal process of standard divorce proceedings. Domestic partners are encouraged to come to amicable agreements on matters related to the division of property and other assets, as well as debt division, child custody, child support and spousal support to name a few. An experienced Palm Desert lawyer can provide invaluable advice, insight and guidance for the dissolution of a domestic partnership.

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Determining A Fair Settlement

Even for former domestic partners who are generally amicable, it can be difficult to work together to determine the division of assets like property, vehicles or investments. It can be extremely stressful to determine the best resolution for issues such as child custody and child support, visitation and other matters that involve your children. The right attorney will not only work to support you in terms of filing paperwork or representing you in family court, but can also prove to be a great benefit in helping to negotiate agreements through mediation and to help avoid the stress and costs of litigation. If you cannot come to an agreement, then an attorney can develop and execute a sound strategy to convince the court that you are entitled to receive the assets and other aspects of your relationship that you need. A dedicated lawyer will also be able to assist after the dissolution concludes, in the event that any issues should arise with respect to enforcement of court orders, enforcement of settlement agreements or child custody modifications.

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