Assisting Military Families With Child Support

California state law dictates that members of the armed forces who do not have custodial rights over their children must pay child support payments to the custodial parent. These payments assist in the provision of clothing, shelter, health care and other issues related to the upbringing of a child. No military employees are exempt from this requirement, even those who are stationed or deployed internationally. If the court-ordered child support is not fully paid, the custodial parent has the right to pursue payment through legal means.

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Common Methods For Securing Unpaid Child Support Payments

A custodial parent may employ a variety of methods to collect unpaid child support payments from a member of the military. The first step is to file an Income Withholding Order which gives the military the authority to withhold money from the other parent for the payment of child support. The military can garnish the wages of a noncustodial parent, and can even draw payment from retired military members. In some cases, payment of a specific aspect of care is required such as education or health insurance. For those who must pay child support for more than one child, the military can withhold payments separately to achieve payment toward the care of the child. California law also dictates that late or missed military child support payments accrue until the full balance is paid. We can help you take legal action, or defend against a legal effort, to enforce payment.

Contact An Attorney Who Understands Military And Family Law

Although the process differs somewhat from civilian parents engaged in child support conflicts, military members are just as responsible for financially supporting their children as other parents. At the Law Office of James A. Jackson, we take these important matters in hand, and can address the issue of overdue child support payments, failure to pay, modifications of existing court orders regarding child support and enforcement.

Our firm works closely with clients to learn about their situation, and then develops a personalized case strategy. Through hard work and determination, we are focused on pursuing the most positive results possible. If you are currently serving in the armed forces and face a legal issue regarding child support, our attorney has the experience and insight to resolve your legal concerns.

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