Guiding Military Families Through Divorce

Divorce is difficult for any person facing such a momentous transition. Civilians who are working through a divorce must navigate California's state laws to resolve important matters related to debt division, asset division, child custody and other issues. For military families, divorce can be far more complex. Military divorces are subject to federal and military laws in addition to state laws, making it very complicated for attorneys who do not have in-depth knowledge of all of these important areas.

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Benefit From The Counsel Of An Experienced Attorney

Although the United States military may access free legal services from the JAG, or judge advocate general, it is important to note that this may not be the best way to select an attorney. Since the military considers divorce to be a civil matter best handled in civilian court, JAG attorneys cannot file paperwork, or represent their clients in family law matters. In short, JAG attorneys are largely limited to providing general information and advice in a divorce, but can essentially do nothing more. Individuals should instead choose to enlist the services of a skilled divorce attorney with a background in family law, and a proven record of success.

There are many ways in which a military divorce proceeding may differ from that of a civilian divorce. There are very serious matters to decide, including how to divide assets and debt, or how child custody will be resolved, as well as child support and spousal support. These are all very important issues that should be understood as clearly as possible by anyone undergoing the military divorce process. The representing family law attorney should have a great depth of experience working with military families. Failure to have qualified and experienced legal counsel could result in loss of assets such as property, vehicles or investments, rights to custody and visitation or other crucial issues.

Contact A Lawyer Who Understands The Needs Of Military Families

At the Law Office of James A. Jackson, clients receive the kind of compassionate support they deserve when going through a divorce. Our dedicated attorney has a deep understanding of military law and how it applies to military families both at home and overseas. We have proudly reached favorable settlements for clients throughout the cities in the Coachella Valley in cases involving division of property, contested divorce, collaborative divorce, legal separations, modifications for child custody, spousal support, visitation, joint custody and other matters in family law.

We know what it takes to protect your rights in all matters related to military family law concerns. Each case is unique and complex. It is advised that you secure a skilled legal advocate on your side as early as possible in the process.

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