Determining Fair Child Support

Child support is one of the most important issues in a divorce. Parents may not agree on who should pay what amount, and it could require court intervention to reach a final resolution. In many cases, an agreement can be reached through mediation, and this can resolve the matter at a much lower cost. At the Law Office of James A. Jackson, we are concerned about all of our client's finances and take care to determine a cost-conscious solution. Litigation is more expensive, as it includes several court appearances in most cases, and if heavily contested, can take a great deal of time and energy.

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Skilled Representation Throughout Your Child Support Concern

Our attorney is highly qualified to assist in any child support issue, including child support modifications. As a former judge and a native to the area, attorney Jackson has great insight into how to best resolve these difficult issues. Each case is as unique as the individuals involved in it. In many cases, a resolution can be reached through negotiations with the opposing attorney.

When one parent is ordered by the court to pay child support, they do not have the option to fail to pay without repercussions. If they do not pay the ordered child support, legal action may be taken against them. An enforcement of court orders can involve garnishment of their paycheck or other funds when there is no other option to retrieve the necessary support. Often, just the threat of legal action can spark a resolution. You can have confidence that we can help you receive the due support payments you need.

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If you face serious legal concerns involving child support, we can provide honest answers about the process and explain your best options. Our lawyer will never make you pay more than you need to, or involve you in unnecessary or costly legal action when another solution can resolve the issue. As a trusted family law attorney with exceptional credentials and experience, we can skillfully address your child support concern.

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