Effective Advocacy For Grandparents’ Rights

It is not unusual for grandparents to be denied access to their grandchildren. Although grandparents' rights differ from state to state, generally they are not as clearly delineated as parents' rights. Our seasoned grandparents' rights attorney can help secure or re-establish visitation rights to benefit you and your grandchildren.

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Formulating Effective Case Strategies

Sometimes a grandparent is concerned for the safety of the children, as in cases of domestic violence. At this point, sound legal counsel can support your rights and the rights of the children. Attorney James Jackson can inform you of your options, and help you formulate an effective statement to the court to describe your reasons for seeking visitation or custody. If you are denied visitation to your grandchildren, you are urged to contact us immediately to gain a strong legal advocate.

Contact Us For Trusted Representation

For 30 years, the Law Office of James A. Jackson has been successfully helping grandparents legally establish visitation rights with their grandchildren. If you have been unfairly denied time with your grandchildren, we want you to know that you have rights that deserve to be affirmed and protected. We are prepared to design an effective legal strategy that can help you secure visitation rights.

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