Strong Advocacy In Cases Of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence can be physical, psychological, sexual or financial in nature. An act of aggression against another member of the same household, domestic abuse can impact spouses, children, significant others and roommates. The Law Office of James A. Jackson regularly assists California residents with issues of domestic violence, especially in relation to divorce. We understand how to address these complicated cases, and can confidently protect your best interests.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by domestic violence, call our Palm Desert office at 760-340-4545 to secure the strong legal representation you need.

Supporting Victims Of Domestic Violence

Our respected trial attorney can guide you through overwhelming domestic abuse cases. We support families in the cities of the Coachella Valley with matters of child abuse and spousal abuse. Domestic violence can also extend to threats or instances of stalking. When your health, or the health of a loved one, is at risk, we can help you file for an order of protection. Our goal is to protect your safety and uncover a legal solution that promotes your long-term well-being. We can point you to outside resources for emotional support after an instance of abuse.

Defending Against Charges Of Domestic Abuse

We also represent individuals who are charged with domestic violence, especially during a divorce. We understand that some spouses wrongly file charges to promote their own case's interests. Our skilled attorney can strongly advocate on your behalf either in or out of court. With 30 years of courtroom experience, we understand the evidence necessary to support your case. We thoroughly prepare each case for trial and can provide the experienced representation you need.

Contact Us For Knowledgeable Guidance

Domestic violence cases are complex and emotionally charged. If you have a domestic abuse concern, call 760-340-4545 to speak with our knowledgeable lawyer. You may also contact us online. We will confidently guide you through your case, ensuring that you have the information you need to make key case decisions and protect your rights.